Incredible Potential in Cambodia

After emerging from its dark past, Cambodia has shown tremendous progress on its economy. The demand to invest in Cambodia property also has been growing strongly from local and foreign investors in recent years.

Cambodia’s Profile in Liberalization

Foreign investors are increasingly convinced of the Royal Government’s commitment to the process of reform itself. The country’s commitment to a market-based economy is without question and is enshrined in the Constitution.

Statistics Speak

The Highest Rental Return Among Major Cities

The strong economy growth and the property price gap in Cambodia compare to other South East Asia country is an anomaly in the market. This offers high capital return opportunity to investor who are willing to invest in Cambodia property.


Strong GDP Growth at 7.2%

USD Dollar Based Economy

No Tax on Personal Gain

Open Capital Account

Aseismic Regions

Favorable Investment Climate

WTO & ASEAN Trade Benefits

Advantageous Labor Conditions

Political Stability

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